6 Great Beginner Tips for Those Just Starting With WordPress

If you’re a beginner to WordPress, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. WordPress is a powerful content management system that offers a wealth of features, and you may feel like you don’t even know where to start. Fortunately, there are plenty of WordPress tips from experts that can help get you up and running quickly.

Here are a few of the most useful tips for WordPress beginners:

1. Pick the Right Theme

Starting out in WordPress can be intimidating, so it’s important to pick a theme that’s right for you. Beginners should take time to consider all the factors that would make a good theme for their needs, such as content features, ability to use plugins, responsiveness, compatibility, translation and multilingual options, page builder, SEO optimization, good reviews, speed, and regular updates. Doing so will ensure you have an ideal theme for your WordPress website.

2. Utilize Widgets

Don’t forget the importance of widgets! They can be a great way to customize the look of your blog and advertise your content. You can add widgets to your blog’s sidebar, header, and footer to show off your Instagram feed, YouTube playlists, and more. However, the types of widgets you can use will depend on the theme you’ve chosen.

3. Pick High-Quality Images

Modern technology has made it possible for devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets to render pictures with incredible clarity. Gone are the days of fuzzy and grainy images. If you’re creating a website, you should pay close attention to the images you choose to use to ensure they look their best. Otherwise, the time and money spent on the site won’t be worth it.

4. Create Useful Content

When starting out, it is important to think about what kind of content your audience is looking for. This means researching your customer base and finding out what kind of information they need. Additionally, it is important to use on-page SEO techniques to make sure your content is properly indexed by search engines and can be found more easily.

5. Don’t Overuse Plugins

The sheer number of plugins available for WordPress makes it easy to add almost any feature you can think of to a site. However, many new users make the mistake of installing too many plugins, which can lead to a sluggish and cluttered site. It’s best to choose plugins very carefully, with an eye toward making the website as fast and efficient as possible. Having too many plugins can have a negative impact on a website’s ranking on Google, as this search engine takes site speed into account.

6. Test All Changes on a Development Site

It is always wise to make alterations and experiment with modifications on a separate development site before implementing them on your live site. A development site is an identical replica of your website that can be hosted on a subdomain and used to assess design changes, test different styles, experiment with plugin updates, and much more. This approach guarantees that if something goes wrong, the changes will not affect your main website.


WordPress is a powerful and versatile platform for creating websites, but it is important to know how to use it correctly. By following the tips outlined above, you can ensure that your WordPress site is running smoothly and efficiently and that any changes you make are done safely and securely.

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